Level Design and Dressing (First and Bottom Floor)
Death Animations and Cinematics
Visual Effects
Unreal Engine 4

Director's Hotel is a 3D, First-Person horror game that revolves around a multiple pathway narrative and made in a realistic art style. Inspired by The Stanley Parable, Director's Hotel is narrated by 'the Director' who tells the player where to go and what to do. The player doesn't have to follow these directions and can alter the narrative by collecting different items, going to different rooms or floors. However, avoiding the Director's path may result in the player's death. I created the top and bottom floor of the hotel level, as well as the outside street environment and bathroom. I also created most of the death animations and cinematics for the game.
This rapid prototype was a big group project that took 4 weeks to conceptualise, document and create in-engine. Director's Hotel was created alongside Lachlan Phillips, Bryce Sandall, Michael Moutafis, Devan Laczko-Twomey and Kelly Straglas. 
death cinematics
game images

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