Project Lead
Level Design and Dressing
Player and AI Programming
Animation Programming
Visual Effects
Audio and Music
Unreal Engine 4
Crooked Killer is a 3D, First-Person Shooter game created using Unreal Engine 4. The theme for this rapid prototype was 'unusual input' and required students to create an input system that isn't considered standard in games. I created an arcade shooter game inspired by Call of Duty Zombies. After being murdered and having his neck broken by thugs, the player is revived by a demon that forces him to take revenge. Because of the killer's injuries, he constantly loses blood throughout the fight and needs bloodbags to stay alive. Additionally, his broken neck causes his point of view to be on an angle, resulting in unusual input keys and the inability to move backward. The aim of the game is to get the highest amount of kills possible without dying.
The rapid prototype took 2 weeks to conceptualise, document and create in-engine. Crooked Killer was created alongside Kelly Stragalas. 
game images

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