Level Design and Dressing
Character Animations
Visual Effects
Unreal Engine 4
Google Docs
Death by Darkness is a 3D, Top-Down horror game. This was my first completed game project while studying at SAE and was created using Unreal Engine 4. The game follows a young girl who investigates an abandoned house after being trapped inside. She must find a key within the house to unlock the front door. Players eventually find that a creature is lurking in the house and wants to kill the girl. Players must use their flashlight to search the environment and stun the creature temporarily. The flashlights battery constantly drains, so players must also find batteries to keep it charged. 
This project took around 12 weeks to conceptualise, document and create in-engine. Death by Darkness was created alongside Luke Archbold, Joshua Scott and Minh Ngo. 
game images

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