3D Asset Production
Level Design
Audio Programming
Unreal Engine 5
Autodesk Maya
Adobe Substance 3D Painter​​​​​​​
Last stand is a third-person, low poly, action game that focuses on an endless round game style. You are the "Last King", entrusted with the crucial task of defending your castle from an onslaught of relentless robots. As the sole ruler standing against the mechanical invaders, your combat skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Prepare to engage in intense battles as waves of robots relentlessly attack your castle walls. Upgrade your stats and unlock powerful abilities to increase your chances of survival.
For this project, I contributed towards the asset production, level design and audio programming. All 3d assets in the main level were created using Autodesk Maya and textured using Adobe 3d Substance Painter. The level was intended to be a futuristic variation of a medieval castle, inspired by the theme for the Epic Games 2023 Megajam (Antiquated Future). 
This game took 1 week to conceptualise, document and develop in-engine. This project was created alongside Bryce Sandall, Lachlan Phillips and Kevin Om.
game images

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