Level Design and Dressing
Objective Programming​​​​​​​
Audio and Music Programming
Unreal Engine 4
Google Docs
Cordyceps is a 3D, Fixed-Camera horror game created in a retro art style. The games graphics were inspired by old PS1 games, but retains realistic shading and lighting. The retro effect was applied by using a post process material, altering assets and textures. Set in Medieval Times, an exiled Knight travels to a distant village in hopes of starting a new life. After discovering a terrible fate has fallen onto the town, he tasks himself with protecting a small girl found in the village from a flesh-hungry monster that roams the area. The monster is controlled by music that is being played on a pipe organ at the villages cathedral. The player must find 2 objects; a key to unlock the cathedral and a tool to stop the pipe organ. While protecting the little girl, the player must find their way to the cathedral and stop the pipe organ.
This project took 8 weeks to conceptualise, document and develop in-engine. The project was created alongside Lachlan Phillips, Devan Laczko-Twomey, Declan Schembri and Tayla Belton. 
game images

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