Level Design and Dressing
Unity 2021
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Technocracy is a 3D, Top-down maze game created in a low poly art style. The game is based in a futuristic dystopian society and focuses on themes of pre-determinism and transhumanism. The aim of the game is to upgrade your human body parts to robotic ones in order to overcome a hostile cyborg.
The enemy character represents a higher class of society, a population of cybernetically augmented people who are more physically and mentally abled to the point where they can even predict the future.
You cannot win without adopting the products of the enemy culture. Completing the game will require you to become the enemy and, if you choose to kill the enemy, in more ways than just in appearance.
This game took 5-6 weeks to conceptualise, document and develop in-engine. This project was created alongside Luke Archbold, Bryce Sandall and Kevin Om.
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