Autodesk Maya
Adobe Substance 3D Painter
Unreal Engine 5
I had to create multiple assets that could be placed in a 'Crazy Science Laboratory' environment. I took inspiration from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty show and attempted to replicate multiple assets seen in Rick's laboratory. For this project, I created a crystal energizer, screwdriver and glass flasks. These were modelled and unwrapped in Autodesk Maya, textured in Adobe Substance 3D Painter, and finally staged in Unreal Engine 5. This project took approximately two weeks to complete.
Model #1 - crystal energizer
The first model I completed was a crystal energizer, inspired directly from an object in Rick's garage. Creating a unique shape to the crystals and making sure they do not overlap was crucial. I stuck to a low poly count for this model as the crystals needed to look rigid and sharp. Texturing was completed in Adobe Substance 3D Painter and consisted of adding a scratched, emissive material to the crystals, with a worn metal base.
Model #2 - screwdriver
Another model I produced for the scene was a screwdriver. I wanted to make a highly detailed screwdriver that had a rubber grip. I created a high poly model because I wanted to create exceptional detail and have smooth edges to the grip. If this model were to be used in game projects, the poly count would be significantly decreased. I wanted the screwdriver to feel old and used, therefore applying a scuffed plastic material to the outer ends and having a damaged rubber material be the main grip.

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